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90 in 2010 Review and the New List

Well ~ this is it.

The year is over and the 90 in 2010 list is officially closed.

I began the list after being inspired by Phoenix, AZ based photographer, Melissa Jill and have inspired another fellow photographer (Emily Hoskins) to start her own and inspire others to do the same.

Initially, I didn’t think coming up with a list of things to do would be that hard but after the 30th item, I had to put it away and consider it a bit more. It took me a number of days to come up with 90 things. And I made the list with the intent to do as many of them during our year in Vancouver as possible. I realized that it would be challenging with a new baby and I didn’t get to as many of them as I would have liked and quite a few of them also became irrelevant or changed in scope. I didn’t really know how to deal with the changes, so I adjusted a few or deleted them altogether.

To see the 90 in 2010 on the old blog, you can go here.

All in all, I only completed half of the list and you’ll see some repeats on the new one just because I like ‘em and would still like to do them. In actuality, I accomplished more of them but didn’t have a camera with me at the time so I didn’t think it was fair to cross them off the list.

For the new list, I decided not to get fancy with the numbers, to keep it simple and to do a proper 101 in 1001 list. That means instead of focusing on one year, the scope will be for 1001 days or 2.75 years. So after much consideration, here is the new list and some pertinent dates.

BEGINNING DATE: January 7th, 2011

FINISH DATE: October 4th, 2013

1. Finish ALL the recipes in Rebar.
2. Go to Rebar in Victoria.
3. Travel to Baja with my little family in a vehicle.
4. Get dressed up and go to the Opera.
5. Shoot a food session for a restaurant, catering company or other food-related vendor.
6. Donate blood.
7. Learn how to make paper.
8. Learn how to make stained glass.
9. Read one book every 2 months for one year that is related to my business.
10. Become CPR certified again.
11. Become a vendor at a bridal fair.
12. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
13. Take Spanish lessons.
14. Cook a dish with a new, mysterious ingredient from the grocery store.
15. Travel to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.
16. Volunteer for A Rocha for a day.
17. Go on a canoeing adventure with my little family.
18. Go to a Bard on the Beach show.
19. Have one more baby.
20. Go to WPPI in Las Vegas!
21. Develop a Social Media plan for my business.
22. Do a photoshoot in Bellingham, WA.
23. Become a member of Green Wedding Providers.
24. Shoot a destination wedding outside of North America.
25. Get published in a magazine.
26. Get published in an online wedding blog.
27. Take a course on bookbinding.
28. Make the switch to Mac.
29. Make our wedding photo album.
30. Make an album for my son’s first year in photos.
31. Sync my desktop to my laptop using Windows 7 or some other Cloud application.
32. Find a program/app that does it all in regards to a calendar, notes, bookings ~ everything ~ and that I can access anywhere on either iPhone or laptop.
33. Make a gluten-free and dairy-free meal plan for my family. (Any suggestions would be helpful!)
34. An office space that is my very own (or at least something that is somewhat separate from common spaces in the house).
35. Do Christmas cards for 2011.
36. Make a list of books/audiobooks I would like to read for my business.
37. Travel to NYC.
38. Have a bomb-proof, redundant backup system that includes a RAID-type tower.
39. Invest in a new camera bag.
40. Take photographs for a local florist.
41. Go to a Cirque du Soleil show.
42. Throw Fin a birthday party.
43. Get family pictures taken.
44. Do a photo project with a socially conscious meaning behind it.
45. Get involved with Help Portrait again.
46. Do a 365 photo challenge.
47. Give my son his first haircut.
48. Take a class on letterpress.
49. Get headshots taken.
50. Teach my son how to ski.
51. Hang out in Squamish for an afternoon.
52. Take a day trip to Seattle.
53. Visit the Queen Charlottes.
54. Go fishing.
55. Make my grandmother’s famous layered cake called Blattertorte (aka in English, Naploleon Torte).
56. Buy (or better yet, make) my husband a birthday gift.
57. Shoot an in-studio portrait session.
58. Bake a loaf of bread that is gluten and dairy-free.
59. Shoot a wedding in the hills in Cache Creek.
60. Take my son swimming.
61. Make a fun, theme-decorated cake.
62. Can something (pickles, salsa, asparagus, anything!)
63. Attend a Tweetup.
64. Get a new pair of glasses.
65. Put a note in a bottle and throw it in the ocean.
66. Make wine.
67. Enter a photo contest.
68. Go to the beach and build a sandcastle with my family.
69. Go crabbing and have a yummy meal.
70. Get a macro lens.
71. Go apple picking at an apple festival.
72. Do a farm tour of Saltspring Island.
73. Open an Etsy shop.
74. Begin a new photo series.
75. Visit the Floret Flowers farm in the Skagit Valley, WA.
76. Get a new bike.
77. Go golfing.
78. Go to the driving range.
79. Get a fish.
80. Watch LOST from beginning to end.
81. Photograph and document each item on this list!
82. Get a fun camera (like a Polaroid or Holga).
83. Have a meal at VJ’s.
84. Have a meal at Araxi in Whistler.
85. Try Ethiopean food (first experience wasn’t so positive).
86. Travel to Nelson.
87. Read through everything on the Sage Wedding Pros site.
88. Learn how to make rounded corner mats for prints.
89. Spend a weekend in Osoyoos.
90. Update my Facebook page with FBML images.
91. Grow out my hair.
92. Paint my nails.
93. Get a pedicure.
94. Sew something.
95. Renew my Passport.
96. Get an ergonomic desk and chair.
97. Shoot a photobooth.
98. Hike the Lions.
99. Go camping in Tofino.
100. Travel to Hawaii.
101. Buy a fancy Epson printer.

That’s my list and I’m stickin’ to it. Or at least I’ll try.

I like to put a little picture in each posting and this one is of my lovely latte at Cafe Artigiano from today on Broadway. I asked for a coffee with a picture in it and this is what they drew.

Enjoy your weekend and lazy Saturday morning coffee!

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anna - #71-saltspring has a great apple festival
#72 - perhaps farm tour if we engagement shoot on saltspring? springtime = cute lambs!
#26 i am totally on board to help you with this one! gws?!

Simply Rose - Sounds great, Anna! We’ll see what we can do! =)

Lyndsay - I love these! SEO is totally on my mind. So are many of these. I grew up in Nelson :) . You should totally go.

Simply Rose - Fantastic, Lyndsay! Will we be seeing your own list? =)

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