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Caroline’s Kids

In the same afternoon that I shot Caroline’s shop, Salt Boutique, she also wanted me to come to her home to take some photographs of her kids. Her children were absolutely lovely, although her boy was a bit under the weather with a horrible cold. But he was a trooper and pulled through it!

Everything about this is wonderful ~ how Caroline has styled her home, how the kids dressed themselves (with a wee bit of help), and how I managed to sneak in a few shots with the three of them browsing through old baby photo albums. The home was warm, inviting, comfortable and I of course wanted every last piece of decor in there!

I enjoyed photographing the kids doing a few of their favourite things. As Caroline said, they putter around the house quite a bit, which my household can totally relate with as well. And once the scrapbook photo albums came out, I began to feel something that I had forgotten about. The way I used to feel when I looked through my parent’s old photo albums or my baby albums. I was reminded of how important and wonderful it is to create these kinds of memories for your children. Caroline said that they look through them often and I loved that. It’s such an amazing way to share stories with your kids.

Thanks for having me in your home, Caroline, to spend a bit of time with your beautiful children!

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