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Fin turns One!

While we were in Smithers last weekend, it was my son’s first birthday and I missed it! I was shooting a wedding all day but we decided to do something extra special for him and give him sugar. And lots of it. We are the best parents in the whole world!

Kristie and I have been friends now for a little over a year. We found each other (it’s a small town and not many photographers around!) and became fast friends, chatting about business and the struggles and joys that we have as entrepreneurs. We traded services last year before my son was born ~ she photographed my fat belly and I her little family. It was a ton of fun and we are doing it again, this time a cake smash for another family session (but hers won’t come around until September).

We weren’t quite sure what Fin would do. Would he go nuts and eat as much as he could? Would he just look at it and not be all that into it? You never really know what your baby will do when you introduce him to that much sugar at one time.

Well, we dressed Fin up, placed him in front of the cake sitting gloriously on the miniature chair and he was very cautious with it, preferring to pick off the fondant buttons instead. Dipping his fingers into the frosting once in a while. He got very excited right off the bat and his whole body shook with thrills (or was that a sugar rush?) and my husband had to help him along with getting into it. He was just being too careful. And then almost as soon as it started, it was over. Fin had had enough and began to crawl in our direction.

Turns out, he’s not a big sweet eater. At least not right now!

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Cadi Jordan - That is so FUN! Good for you guys! Great Photos by Kristie Larson! Nice for you to get on the recieving end! Happy Birthday Fin! You’re ready to roll with the Big Kids now!

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