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First Haircut

It was about time. We had been putting it off, mostly out of lack of time and laziness.

Cutting our son’s hair.

But yesterday, we made an absolute point of getting it done. It was high time. I had taken the scissors to it a few times already to cut his bangs so he could see or get rid of his mullet. The poor kid has been walking around with hacked hair since day one.

Rather than going to the barber and having a possible meltdown and get nothing accomplished anyways, we decided to buy our own clippers and cut his hair at home where we could have a controlled environment full of Toopey and Binoo and endless sugar cookies. Well, that worked like a charm and half an hour later, Fin had much less hair and looked a lot older. We also discovered a nasty cowlick or hair whorl on the crown on his head that sticks up like crazy. As I am Googling it now, apparently hair whorls can be linked to brain development. I hope that means my kid is extra smart.

And since this was on my 101 in 1001 list, I made sure to take some photos of the event. A first haircut is kind of a momentous event in a toddler’s life. The shedding of the baby hair marks that my son is growing up so fast.

Happy Friday!

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Leanne H. - Cuteness! He looks all growed up now :)

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