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First Time Boudoir

Something that I have been thinking about over the past while is adding Boudoir Sessions. I’ve never had the opportunity to shoot something like this and didn’t really know where to even start. It’s a genre that I found very intimidating. So what better place to start than to see how one of the best does it!

I have been following Cathy Empey since March when I stumbled across her work online. I introduced myself to her in an email and made a proposition to her that I wasn’t too sure she would go for, to be honest. But when she emailed back excited about having me shadow one of her Boudoir Sessions just to see what it was like, I knew that she was a gem. Cathy is one of the most genuine people I know ~ she is so giving and kind, a true inspiration and example of someone who runs their business with integrity and class.

We hung around outside for this session (who said Boudoir had to be done indoors?) and had a lovely model that was getting married in a few weeks. The light was fabulous, the company was delightful and the location was peaceful ~ a perfect combination for some stellar images. I was fortunate enough to be able to post some images for my blog (thanks Cathy!) ~ oftentimes, Boudoir Sessions do not make it to this public venue for obvious reasons, so your privacy is of utmost concern. And you can see Cathy’s take on the session here.

I am currently in the process of working on my Boudoir portfolio ~ if you are interested in having something done, please let me know and we can have a chat!

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