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Hang out with Anita

She rides bikes and jumps them off of things. Big things.

She climbs rocks. Steep rocks.

She plays a mean game of soccer.

She snowboards in the winter and jumps off of big things. Again. And sometimes gets vertical in the pipe.

She is a smartie to boot and an engineer. She can rock a mean power suit in the office.

She loves helping people and has spent countless hours teaching mountain biking, organizing functions in university and empowering women to be their best.

She’s fun, she’s kind, she’s smart…..sounds pretty much like perfect to me.

We spent an afternoon at her apartment in Kerrisdale a while ago taking some pictures of a few of her favourite things. And it’s her birthday so leave her some love!


damara - happy birthday! and Rose…beautiful. One of my top favourites is one of the last where she is holding the cup and you get half her face…so beautiful.

Irenia R - Great photos of Anita!! Very cool

Simply Rose - Thanks, Irenia, appreciate your comment!

Simply Rose - Thanks Damara, it’s one of my faves too!

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