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Refresh 2012

This is officially the first posting of 2012….it’s been a little while but I have been busy with other things and the change has been nice. I’m getting better, which is the main thing. I think the iron tablets and B12 vitamins are finally doing their thing. And my cold went away a short while ago as well. Things are looking up.

On a completely separate note, you’ll notice that things are looking very different around here! I’ve been working away the past little while on a bit of a refresh for Simply Rose in terms of a cleaner look. I wanted to update my logo a bit without moving too far away from the original idea, because I still really like it and think that it can still carry my business into the future. So a few new colours and fonts for a bit of a fresher, edgier look. Since I was doing some changes with the logo, I needed to do some changes overall. So new blog and new website. And packaging and other things too. I just really wanted the images to be the focus and was intent on redesigning so that would happen. I think this new, cleaner design with a palette of white and accents of earthy tones and the signature touch of pink fits the bill perfectly. As with anything new, there will be tweaks and such to be made. The improving process is ongoing, but here it is and I am really loving it!

But now onto the pictures in the post! I got my new 27″ iMac earlier this week and have been putting it into functioning order and it’s now fully operational and here I am typing away on it. I won’t lie and say it’s been a little interesting getting to know my Mac… took me a few hours to figure out how to add a signature block to iMail and ended up calling Apple Support. No wonder Apple has been doing so incredibly well…..their tech support is incredible and efficient. And nice. I’m so glad to be on a Mac now and I’m hoping that all my computer woes will be avoided this year! This also completes #28 on my 101 in 1001 list….make the switch to Mac!

Happy weekend!

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Jarusha - Great new clean look! And sexy new iMac :)

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