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Sarah + Kyle // Vancouver Proposal // You’re the One I Love Contest

Back in February, I hosted a Valentine’s Day contest called You’re the One I Love and today, we are going to celebrate with Sarah and Kyle who were one of two winners! You can see the other couple, Sandra and James here - their session had an unexpected twist to it, James proposed 10 minutes into the session! It was such a sweet Vancouver proposal. Well, I have a special treat for you today because Sarah and Kyle had a very special session as well.

Sarah’s entry in the contest was one of the first ones that we received and I later found out that she had tried to enter my annual Valentine’s contest in the past but had missed the entry cut-off time. This year, she responded early to make sure she was included. The next day, I received an email from her boyfriend, Kyle, explaining that if they won, he would like to propose to her at the session. Sarah didn’t know that he was writing the email to me but he said that he hoped they would be considered so he could turn the whole session into something really memorable. We loved the idea of planning the session with Sarah and Kyle….and then planning something completely unexpected for Sarah on the day of!

We met with Sarah to go over some details about who they are as a couple, what they like to do together, and what sort of vision they had for their session. It was a super hard meeting because a lot of the discussion revolved around engagements - Stephanie asked many of the leading questions and afterwards she said that it was one of the hardest meetings she’s ever been in. It’s a real challenge to not slip out or hint at such an exciting secret!

Stephanie did an excellent job co-coordinating with Kyle while also co-coordinating with Sarah. We decided to shoot their proposal in Port Moody on the pier at Rocky Point Park and then move across the inlet to Old Orchard Park for some beachy scenes. Since they lived not too far from Rocky Point, it was a very important location for them as they spend a great deal of time there.

The day of the shoot arrived, looking grey but not threatening. Stephanie, Ashton and I met at Rocky Point Park while Faye was doing Sarah’s hair and makeup at her Vancouver studio. We met with Kyle on the pier to go over everything to make sure we were all on the same page and then we began to set everything up. Ashton has a full alphabet set of lighted marquee letters so she had spelled out MARRY ME on the end of the pier with hurricane candles around the edges. We had a lot of curious onlookers and funny conversations as the set-up was happening but once the scene was set, it was time to meet Sarah and Kyle.

They arrived and Steph and I greeted them warmly. We strolled onto the pier and shortly after, we jumped into the session. I took a bit of time going down the pier, to not make anything look suspicious and Sarah was not suspecting a thing. As we reached the end of the pier, Sarah noticed the marquee letters and it took a few moments for her to realize what was actually happening. Kyle pulled her to stand in front of the setting and proposed. How exciting to see everything come together! There were many happy cheers on the pier from us and strangers alike, Sarah was beaming as she has been waiting for this moment for a little while now. It was so, so sweet.

Then, we transitioned into their Engagement Session. The four of us hopped into my car and drove over to the other side of the inlet for some more quiet location on the beack at Old Orchard Park. Stephanie treated them with a bottle of Say I Do wine and we spent a bit of time on the beach. There were some great trails nearby as well with the first spring buds emerging. We then headed back to Rocky Point to drop everyone off and pack everything up.

And so concludes another Valentine’s Day contest with not one but two Vancouver proposals. What an absolute delight. I’m quite sad it’s all over, it was such a pleasure meeting these two couples and creating something memorable for them. But there is always next year’s contest! I wonder what we could do for next year?

I hope you have enjoyed these two special and unique sessions, I know I really have. It’s been quite the wonderful experience working alongside such incredibly dedicated wedding vendors and I hope more opportunities like this will arise down the road. And to our very special couples, the four of us are so excited for the next steps for you guys! It was a real privilege to be a part of something this special and so intense with so much joy.

1Pink-Orange-Green-Bouquet 2Engagement-Session-Rocky-Point-Park 3Cute-Engagement-Session 4Surprise-Proposal-Vancouver 5Pier-Proposal-Vancouver 6Proposal-with-Marquee-Letters 7Propsal-Session 8Proposal-Photo-Session-Vancouver 9Rocky-Point-Park-Proposal 10Vancouver-Proposal-Photographer 11Marquee-Letters-Proposal 12West-Coast-Propsal 13Engagement-Photos-Vancouver 14Marquee-Letters 15Champagne-with-Proposal 16Engagement-Session-Beach 17Florals-Engagement-Session 18Engagement-Session-Vancouver 19Beachside-Engagement-Session 20Beachy-Pink-Orange-Bouquet 21Engagement-Ring-Detail 22Spring-Bouquet-Engagement-Session 23Vancouver-Engagement-Photographer 24Engagement-Session 25Engagement-Session-Old-Orchard-Park 26Engagement-Ring

If you are interested in having your proposal documented, do let me know! I can also hide in bushes! It can all be very discreet and sneaky-like. For more information, send an email to [email protected] for how I can help you preserve your proposal memory forever.

PLANNING: Stephanie Reitsma of Sweetheart Events

DECOR + FLOWERS: Ashton and Jen of Bespoke Decor Rentals

MUAH: Faye Smith of Faye Smith Makeup and Hair

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