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The Hoskins and Kin // Vancouver Family Photographer

I’ve known Emily for a long time.

She photographed our wedding almost 6 years ago and we’ve been friends ever since. We’ve helped each other with our businesses, shot weddings together, share information and swap stories of what our kids are doing. She even was at my son’s birth and photographed all of it, something that I treasure to this day. Now if getting a call at 5am to drive into Vancouver from Chilliwack in traffic isn’t love, I’m not really sure what is! She’s a wonderful friend as well as a wife, mother, sister and daughter. Since having known Emily, I’ve been introduced to her family over time and it’s no wonder she’s so great. Her family oozes life and love ~ the sort that just makes you feel comfy all over like eating a grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of tomato soup (that’s for you Liv, the grilled cheese part anyways!) or a big chunky sweater on a chilly day. It helps having a busy 3-year-old that everyone adores to pave that path, it is clear that he is so loved!

Thanks Em and family for spending a torrential morning at Granville Island with me! Despite the weather, I think we did rather well, especially the Indian lunch afterwards!

To see the slideshow, press play!

jennifer armstrong - i just had the honour of spending the weekend on hornby with emily & a group of friends. SO glad i met her & it’s wonderful to have this glimpse into her family life. Beautiful work.

Simply Rose - Thanks, Jennifer, it sounds like everyone had a lovely time from what I’ve gathered! Emily is a pretty wonderful person, I’m glad that I know her =)

Liv Turnbull - Love them, Rose. All the colors and textures are beautiful… That was a great day. Thanks for being there to capture it for us. :) And I especially appreciate your part about the “grilled cheese”!

Simply Rose - Thanks, Liv! Glad you like them!

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