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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Green Park Nursery

My husband’s aunt and uncle have a flower nursery just outside of St. Catharine’s in the wine country and I had the opportunity to visit while on holidays this past two weeks. I’d been interested for quite some time as I keep seeing lovely pictures of summer hydrangeas, lilacs and other pretty blooms that Aunt […]

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The Last 90 in 2010 Hurrah

Well, I do have a few more things I would like to knock off of the 90 in 2010 before New Years rolls around and I unveil my new list. To be honest, I haven’t even thought about the new list yet or what to put on it or which unfinished ones I would like […]

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Those Baby Blues….

I am currently in Ottawa now with my husband’s family and trying to catch up a on a few things. Including some pictures I took of Josh’s cousin, Jason, his wife and their adorable 4 month old in their home. We had the opportunity to stay with them for a few nights and it was […]

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Can you help me name this Seed Pod?

Today’s Romantic Bloom is coming at ‘cha from St. Catharines in Ontario. I’m here visiting family my husband’s family for two weeks and we are doing a tour of the Ottawa-Toronto-St. Catharine’s area. So far it’s been a really wonderful visit and Fin has been a champ, especially on the plane which, as any new […]

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#23 Photos of Omi

My Grandmother on my Mom’s side was born in 1916. That makes my Omi 94 years old….and still going strong. She could easily enough be a Great-Great Grandmother, but that hasn’t happened yet, so for now she’s a Great Grandma to 15. Omi has been in a care home for about 3 years now and […]

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