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First Haircut

It was about time. We had been putting it off, mostly out of lack of time and laziness. Cutting our son’s hair. But yesterday, we made an absolute point of getting it done. It was high time. I had taken the scissors to it a few times already to cut his bangs so he could…

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Simply Rose One

Well, it’s time for a little update since we’ve been in Vancouver for almost two weeks now. We arrived on September 24th (well, I did, my husband the next day) and spent the week unpacking, trying to figure out where all of our stuff would fit into a small, awkward basement suite. We’ve had some…

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This is a bit of a feat for me. I finally got my passport renewed. I am so lazy with this kind of thing ~ I had every good intention to do it before it ran out ~ last October. And for the life of me, I just couldn’t fill out the form right. I’d…

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Sage Wedding Pros

This posting is geared more for photographers and those starting out take note as well. I found Sage Wedding Pros while searching around for something last year and have been following it ever since. There are a ton of resources out there for photographers but I have found this one to be invaluable and I…

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Epiphanie Camera Bag

I am always on the hunt for a good bag. Especially when it comes to photography. And the biggest problem with photography is that one bag just doesn’t cover it all. There’s bags for transporting, traveling, shooting…it’s hard to own just one.  I have several carrying cases including the 1510 Carry On Case model by…

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