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2011 A Year in Review

If I could use one word to describe 2011 it would have to be……interesting. It’s one of those descriptive words that could go either way and in this case it does. Good interesting and bad interesting. I’m not going to lie and say this past year wasn’t a difficult one. I was still learning how…

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Pondering Change

I’m taking a bit of a Sunday editing reprieve to comment on something that I found yesterday online. I’ve been thinking about this blog posting in particular for quite some time, gathering my thoughts in how to present this, but after discovering Ground Glass | The Journal for Better Wedding Photography, I just knew I…

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Blog is Broken

Hey folks…..Just a little note for you for now. Even though the blog is currently functioning, there are still issues with it that I’m not quite sure about which are being looked at. I’m not a techie person, so this entire realm of website hacking has been new to me and very scary to say…

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Promo Postcards from Spark Jewelry

I just got these lovely cards featuring some of my work in the mail today from Christina of Spark Jewelry. Back in January of this year, I put together a fun wedding shoot featuring a number of Vancouver vendors offering green products for brides and Spark was one of those vendors. So if you like…

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a number of things heading into the summer season. I have a great deal of changes coming around over the next few months, but the one that has been in my head and heart lately is photography/personal-related. This past year has been a lot of focus on practical…

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