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A Valentine’s Gift for Some Special Folks

Something that I don’t do very often is giveaways. And I am sorry. Because I do like giveaways, really I do! But the main reason I don’t have more creative contests is because I don’t have a plan for them right now but I am working on changing that. And this is my first one…

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Today, I met up with Damara of Damara Moe Photography in White Rock for a little bit of fun. We had been trying to organize some sort of meeting well before Christmas and nothing quite materialized until today. I had met Damara before and her open and carefree personality is addicting, so I knew we…

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Simply Rose Notecards

I’ve been plugging along with my new branding materials and I am really satisfied with how things are going. I’m finding that I’m digging into my office space and pulling out stuff that has been sitting around for quite some time and it feels really good to be able to put them to use. Throughout…

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Natural Materials Inspiration

As I am in the final stages of gathering materials for my packaging, I am feeling rather inspired by all the amazing things I am seeing online that are made out of natural yet sustainable materials or waste products. I just wanted to share a few things that I am really loving right now! LINEN…

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Refresh 2012

This is officially the first posting of 2012….it’s been a little while but I have been busy with other things and the change has been nice. I’m getting better, which is the main thing. I think the iron tablets and B12 vitamins are finally doing their thing. And my cold went away a short while…

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