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My Mom got a Phalaenopsis orchid a little while ago from a very kind person and the moment I saw it, I was a little overwhelmed by it. It stands about three feet tall and is truly an impressive plant. The arrangement is neat as well, with mosses, air plants (so cool!) and a few…

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Oahu, Hawaii :: Day 3

Finally at day 3! Today’s adventures - fruit and food and other stuff! Sorry for all the pictures of the pineapples, but I just thought they were the coolest things ever! As we were driving to the North Shore along the Kamehameha Highway, we came across the glorious pineapple fields of Dole. And these stretched…

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Oahu, Hawaii :: Day 2

I have a few more images from my Hawaii trip in May that I haven’t shared yet! *gasp* So now I am catching up and feeling somewhat nostalgic in the midst of all this soppy weather. Even though I do like the rain, it is good to get away from it too! On this day,…

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A Tweetup, Canoeing and Other Things

I have been slacking on the 101 in 1001, or rather slacking at posting that is. Things are slowly getting ticked off and today I wanted to update the list!   Well, a paddleboat was as good as it was going to get, sadly. My son took one look at the canoe and screamed. We’ll…

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