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Hang out with Anita

She rides bikes and jumps them off of things. Big things. She climbs rocks. Steep rocks. She plays a mean game of soccer. She snowboards in the winter and jumps off of big things. Again. And sometimes gets vertical in the pipe. She is a smartie to boot and an engineer. She can rock a…

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Artisan Bread

This weekend has been all about artisan foods. I’ve been fortunate enough to catch portions of creativeLIVE’s 3 day weekend online seminar with premiere food photographer, Penny De Los Santos. I always thought it would be so wonderful to shoot food ~ all those textures, colours and layers. I love nothing more than watching the…

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Vaisakhi Festival

Every April is the Vaisakhi Festival in the Sikh community and my parent’s neighborhood turns into a boisterous place full of wonderful smells, bright colours and loud music. It’s become a bit of a tradition of mine to photograph this event the past few years and this is my third. You can see the others…

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I had this posting saved for a while so I thought I’d put it up today as a reminder of happier times. My son has the worst sinus cold right now (caught from his mommy!) and has been whining non-stop the past 3 days. My husband and I are still sick but getting a little…

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A Wee Update

I am writing with barely a voice, a horrible sore throat, the stuffiest of sinuses, the foggiest head and a sad little cough. I’ve been going non-stop for a week now and it won’t slow down for at least another week. Moving while sick with a sick baby into a townhome that clearly wasn’t move-in…

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