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Peonies are probably my most favourite flower in the whole world. I do have quite a few favourites but there is something about peonies that make me feel comfy. Maybe all those petals remind me of a down blanket. Even though peonies are mainly a summer bloom, I think I love them just as much…

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Ornamental Kale

Veggie flowers. But this is the kind you don’t eat. I don’t really consider kale a “Romantic Bloom” perse but for some reason, the colour and shape of these petals (or leaves?) make  me feel pretty. Happy Monday!

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I love flowers. Especially unique or more classic, old-timey blooms like peonies or roses. My dad has a rose bush that inspired me to begin this series called Romantic Blooms. It’s just a single flower concept, plain and simple. I have a number of these coming up so if you like pretty things, stick around…

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