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Mini Gerbera

These used to be my favourites, until I began discovering flowers like peonies, hydrangeas and lilacs. My wedding bouquet was full of colourful gerbs over 5 years ago. But you know, when I look at these, they still make me smile.

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I was hoping to get this Romantic Blooms posting done earlier except The Batchelor was on at 8pm and it was a 2 hour special, sooooo……I got a little distracted. (Don’t hate. I like a little trash TV once in a while….) Today’s flower is the Thystle. Or Thistle. But V&J’s Plant Shop at Granville…

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Can you help me name this Seed Pod?

Today’s Romantic Bloom is coming at ‘cha from St. Catharines in Ontario. I’m here visiting family my husband’s family for two weeks and we are doing a tour of the Ottawa-Toronto-St. Catharine’s area. So far it’s been a really wonderful visit and Fin has been a champ, especially on the plane which, as any new…

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Brezillia Berries

Today’s post is coming from my new Sony VAIO laptop. I have never edited anything on a laptop before so this is sort of a new experience for me since you can’t quite colour manage a laptop like you can a desktop workstation. And the monitor is a fraction of the size so as I…

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I really like wintery sorts of blooms. Like seed pods, dried flower heads, waxy leaves or berries. So, today’s Romantic Bloom is all about the Rosehip.

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