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Nick and Shannon // Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Nick and Shannon’s wedding was nothing short of a super, crazy fun day. The day dawned hazy and threatened drizzle, but by noon, the skies cleared and the sun came out blazing ~ it was a hot one to be sure.

My co-shooter, Alanna Clempson and I met at Shannon’s hotel in Port Coquitlam for a little pre-wedding breakfast, to run through the day, have a quick catch-up together, to sync our Canon’s and go through our gear. And once the girls arrived from their hair appointment at the salon, the day really began.

While Shannon’s best friend and maid of honour did her makeup, the other 5 girls got ready for the day. Curling hair. Blushing cheeks. Tying bows. Shannon’s mother arrived with the bubbly. It was all becoming so real.

The wedding took place in Shannon’s parents backyard in Port Coquitlam. At first I was wondering how 100 people were going to all fit back there for the ceremony and reception afterwards but the layout was fabulous and there was more than enough space for everyone and all the festivities. Shannon’s family had been preparing the backyard well in advance for their wedding by making sure everything would look pristine for the big day. All the hard work paid off.

As the guests arrived and settled in with a refreshment, the ladies cooled off inside and the guys arranged themselves at the front. Nick was ready.

Shannon’s walk with her mom and step-father was an emotional one, as were the vows. There was the ring exchange, the handfasting and then it was all sealed with a kiss.

We didn’t have much time to go to a different location for pictures after the ceremony, so we took over the whole neighborhood. The neighbors graciously let us use their cute backyard complete with a rustic little hut full of vintage curios and we made good use of the front yard and street. It’s amazing what you can do in your own backyard. Literally.

The reception was set up on the higher level of the backyard with the desserts off to one side and a buffet-style meal set up in the carport. Every square inch of the place was used well! It was wonderful to work with some familiar faces again, namely Onyx Harris of Amoda Flowers and Frances Tsai of Sweet Naturally Bakery. Love these girls and they rocked it out with Shannon’s vision of eco-chic meets Martha Stewart meets vintage flair. The meal was amazing as well and catered by 5 Star Catering.

After the last bite was made, the last of the toasting champagne sipped, the last cut of cake sliced, the crowd moved to the patio area for an evening of crazy. Ian Foulds of Garry Robertson DJ Services and also a member of Shannon’s family, kept the night rocking with tunes and some wacky music that got every single person there on the patio floor. It was clear that these families knew how to have a good time!

A big thank you to Nick and Shannon for having Alanna and I at your wedding. It was a privilege to meet you both as well as your families and friends, who all clearly love you both dearly. To Shannon and your zany faces and to Nick and your calm demeanor, may you both have a wonderful long life together full of happiness, joy and best of all crazy!


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damara - this is a wedding that makes you wish you were on the guestlist! what a fun group of people and the desserts look amazing!

anna - LOVING the florals!
submitting to rockandrollbride?

Kristie - FUN! What a great looking wedding.

Lyndsay London - ROSE! you kill me every time. Love it, lady.

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