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Some Saturday Randoms

This past weekend was pretty darn great because it was full of outings and visiting new places. If I had my way, I would go to a new place locally every weekend ~ there is so much great stuff to be had close by especially around this time of year when there are craft fairs, Christmas parades, and all kinds of other events.

My good friend, Brenda, and I went to Lynden, WA this weekend for some Mexican fare and to pick up some shoes across the border. I had initially wanted to eat at El Nopal in Sumas but my last experience there was disappointing and I prefer to leave the good memories of the place from my early 20′s intact, so I thought we’d try a new one just down the road. We found the place, although it wasn’t called what I was expecting it to be ~ but if you ever find yourself in Lynden with a hankering for authentic Mexican food, you might want to look up Marta’s Cocina. She was great with Fin and even brought him his own cup with a fun straw (which actually was a lifesaver and extended lunch a bit longer). Anyone with young kids will appreciate the wonders of a crinkle straw.

We played around in the parking lot for a bit since we had been sitting at the Sumas border for so long and Fin had taken a liking to the Schwinn ice cream truck parked at the end of the lot. Anything with wheels for that kid…..

We headed back home and made for the Fieldstone Vintage Market held at the EcoDairy in Abbotsford. I took a few quick pictures of some of the vendor’s wares but by this time, Fin was ready to crash out and both Brenda and I were suffering from our post-lunch comma. We stayed long enough to take a leisurely wander through the market and peruse the Nutrifoods Market.

And to top the day off? A grand ole’ Christmas trimming of the tree. It was kind of a whim but I was riding on a Christmas high and thought it would be a good way to cap the day. So glad we did it (and stood in line at the store for over 30 minutes) because now my house smells of wonderful pine and the little white lights just make me smile.

And to everyone else who trimmed trees, visited Santa at the parade, put up lights, opened up their advents calendars…..Happy December! Christmas is coming!

Wilma - Hey Rose - great pics as usual - capturing your day out! Just had to laugh at the reference to Fin checking out the wheels on a truck because Jack does exactly the same thing. When he’s here he makes a bee-line to the tractors and trucks around and has to circle the vehicles, touching and admiring the wheels on all sides :) Boys…and their toys - it sure starts early. Blessings to you all this Christmas.

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