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I love flowers. Especially unique or more classic, old-timey blooms like peonies or roses. My dad has a rose bush that inspired me to begin this series called Romantic Blooms. It’s just a single flower concept, plain and simple.

I have a number of these coming up so if you like pretty things, stick around for Mondays. And just a little shout out to my favourite flower shop in Vancouver, V & J Plant Shop at Granville Island, where I get all of my lovely blooms. They have some of the best selection I have ever seen and the quality is always very high.

Cathy Empey - Love this! I love this particular flower as well. SO dreamy.

admin - Thanks, Cathy! I really like Alliums, they are one of my personal fave’s too.

Eric and Marti

Back in September, we drove to Tillamook, OR to visit a bunch of friends from our Prairie Bible College days. There were 11 of us (not including babies) that stayed at Eric’s parents place over the Labour Day long weekend so that made for an extremely rambunctious and busy household. Some folks there we hadn’t seen in many years and others on a bit more of a regular basis since we’ve been in Vancouver.

Our Prairie friends are kind of special to us…not only was it where Josh and I met 7 years ago but also where a lot of our other married friends from school met. There is something to be said for that kind of history and the fact that things don’t seem to change whenever we meet up tells me that these will be friends for life.

One of those couple friends are Eric and Marti. They’ve been together the longest out of all of us (they’re highschool sweethearts) and I really respect their relationship. They balance each other perfectly.

Eric is an Explosives Specialist  in the Marines and has spent quite a bit of time overseas the past number of years so that means a lot of time apart from your loved ones. And they take it in stride. Eric went to Afghanistan shortly after our visit and he will be there until the spring.

We did a few impromptu shots in the Franke’s backyard and now here they are. I love Marti’s energy in person and I think there are a few in here that show it!

Marti - I could seriously look at these pictures all day. Thank you for capturing our love!!!! I can’t wait to do another session when Eric gets home!! Fun times! Much love to you! <3

admin - Thanks, Marti. Just think what we could do with more time! =)

First Time Boudoir

Something that I have been thinking about over the past while is adding Boudoir Sessions. I’ve never had the opportunity to shoot something like this and didn’t really know where to even start. It’s a genre that I found very intimidating. So what better place to start than to see how one of the best does it!

I have been following Cathy Empey since March when I stumbled across her work online. I introduced myself to her in an email and made a proposition to her that I wasn’t too sure she would go for, to be honest. But when she emailed back excited about having me shadow one of her Boudoir Sessions just to see what it was like, I knew that she was a gem. Cathy is one of the most genuine people I know ~ she is so giving and kind, a true inspiration and example of someone who runs their business with integrity and class.

We hung around outside for this session (who said Boudoir had to be done indoors?) and had a lovely model that was getting married in a few weeks. The light was fabulous, the company was delightful and the location was peaceful ~ a perfect combination for some stellar images. I was fortunate enough to be able to post some images for my blog (thanks Cathy!) ~ oftentimes, Boudoir Sessions do not make it to this public venue for obvious reasons, so your privacy is of utmost concern. And you can see Cathy’s take on the session here.

I am currently in the process of working on my Boudoir portfolio ~ if you are interested in having something done, please let me know and we can have a chat!

A Seaside Afternoon on the Island

I have so many things to post, it’s hard to know quite where to begin, but I have to start someplace and I thought this sweet family session was a good place as any on this blustery, rainy Vancouver day.

It had been a while since a visit to Vancouver Island and I was thankful for the break ~ there is just something magical to me about going to the Island. Perhaps it’s the ferry ride, perhaps it’s the prospects of being near untamed open ocean or maybe even the fact that some of the biggest trees ever live there. Either way, I love taking trips there, especially the West Coast of the Island, which I don’t get to visit that often. The weekend we went was one of epic proportions…..a huge storm rolled in as we were driving west. It was a long time since I had seen rain that sideways. But I love storms, I was happy to be in our car driving to a place that I last visited over 1o years ago!

I met Alison at a wedding that I shot in Smithers two summers ago now ~ she was not only in the wedding party but also did the bride’s gorgeous makeup. She owns her own esthetican company called Long Beach Esthetics so if you ever find yourself getting married on the Island in the Tofino/Ucluelet area, be sure to look her up, she does incredible work. The family also runs a B&B called Swaying Cedars which books up for the busy tourist season months.

We weren’t too sure what the weather would do so we spent some time indoors and then suited up for rain and wind and headed to a nearby beach. The kids were awesome and troopers for sure in the inclement weather and so were the parents who had to keep wiping running noses and make sure little hands weren’t getting too cold. Despite the odds, it was fun to run around on the beach and hide in the tall grass.

Thanks to Alison, Randy and the kids for having me and a chance to say hi to the big, wild ocean again.

Clarence - Nice work… no, Really great work. Love the little girls eyes, must have got them from Mom.

Ingrid and I have really enjoyed looking at your work when we get a chance. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for your subjects for allowing you to share.

Uncle Clarence

Alison - Thanks again for making the trek out here! With such crazy weather and not much of a plan on our part, you captured our family perfectly. I recommend you to anyone who wants to capture the essence of their family “in the moment”. I don’t like being in front of the camera and you made all of us at ease, thank you.

admin - Aw, thanks for your kind words, Alison!

admin - Thanks so much for your comment, Uncle Clarence. I feel privileged too that folks let me share!

Josie Love - Beautiful pictures Rose! I miss them all so much and love looking at the pictures of my beautiful granddaughters. Thanks for posting them on your blog.

admin - Thanks, Josie. They are pretty darn cute!

Tyler and Amanda

I had been watching the weather for two weeks before the wedding. Every day I would check Environment Canada and the Weather Network (both of which are always in conflict), cross my fingers and hope that it wouldn’t rain for this last wedding of the season. I love the rain but not particularly on wedding days when so much has gone into getting the hair and makeup done, the garb is on and the fancy shoes are donned on manicured feet. Suffice to say, the days leading up to Tyler and Amanda’s wedding were gorgeous and my concerns melted away. The wedding morning dawned bright and beautiful.

My co-shooter, Emily Hoskins of Liberty Tree Photography, and I set out to L’Hermitage Hotel where we spent some time with the girls getting ready and then to the L’Orangerie, which is the lovely garden patio area for Tyler and Amanda’s First Look. I was so excited that they decided to do a First Look for a variety of reasons ~ creating a space of calm before the day really began, more time for pictures and getting to the party sooner. I have to admit, I get a little teary myself at weddings and the First Look was no exception. What can I say? I love seeing two people so hopelessly in love with each other on their wedding day…..the energy and emotion of that is unparalleled.

Tyler and Amanda are all class. I knew this well before their wedding day but the 1950′s Vancouver city bus they used to take us from L’Hermitage to the ceremony venue was any photographer’s best dream come true. Since Tyler works for the city transit system, he knew about a non-profit society called the Transit Museum Society (TRAMS) that has a fairly decent collection of vintage city buses available for rent. The bus fit perfectly with Tyler and Amanda’s vintage meets modern wedding theme and as soon as I saw it, I fell in love. It was a cotton candy floss interior, a sunny yellow exterior complete with all sorts of wonderfully dated details. Our driver, Angus McIntyre, was equally delightful and shared with us his many stories about being a city bus driver over a 41-year time span. He’s a bit of a legend so it was a real pleasure to meet him. He’s also a member of TRAMS and volunteers his time to drive for events like this ~ an additional thank you to him for sharing in Tyler and Amanda’s special day.

After taking the wedding party shots at the False Creek Olympic Village, we all made our grand entrance to the ceremony and reception location at the historic Heritage Hall. Leo Damian and his team at WISH Events did a fantastic job of decorating not only the ceremony but also the reception, complete with an excellent meal catered by the Dutchmen. And more tears came during the toasts when friends and family stood to give testament to Tyler and Amanda ~ the relationships they share with others, the love that has grown between them and the new families that have now been created through this union.

What a wonderful day full of fall sunshine, fabulous people and one of the kindest and sweetest couples I know. Thank you Tyler and Amanda for letting us share in a day you had spent so much time and effort into putting  together. May you have many adventures to come!

We wanted to do something that would tie together with the Engagement Session I did in the summer.
Since Tyler and Amanda like records, it only seemed fitting to carry the theme on further…..

Hair/Makeup: Melanie Trembley of Mink Makeup

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Heritage Hall

Special Ceremony Music: Bob Sumner

Wedding Co-Ordinator: Leo Damian of WISH Events

Vintage Bus Rental: Transit Museum Society (TRAMS)

Catering: The Dutchmen

Flowers: Betty’s Flower Pot

And here is the slideshow! Enjoy!

Kristie - Beautifully done Rose!!

Loretta - Yay! You are back! Have missed your photos and musings…. and you and Josh of course. (And Fin but have yet to meet the new man in your life). Love your new look and love the new photos! Inspiring!

Scarlett - I love this wedding, the styling and the scenes! Great job Rose!

Mikaela - Wow, Rose. I absolutely love your work…stunning. Great new look, too!

admin - Thanks everyone! I’m so glad to be back!

Lyndsay London - Wow! This looks lovely! You made Heritage Hall look super duper!