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Thanksgiving in Oroville, WA

Some snaps from our Thanksgiving weekend in Oroville, WA at my aunt and uncle’s getaway cabin.

The last time we were there was 7 years ago for our honeymoon.

It was so good to get away with my boys, especially after a really crazy and hectic past 4 months
and to visit with some good, good friends as well. We ate well, we drank good wine (at least
I did!) and laughed well. It was very much needed.

There is something almost magical about visiting the cabin on the lake. It brings back so
many good childhood memories. And I love being able to share that with my son.
I hope that one day, we can have our own lakeside cabin someplace and make
our own memories together as a family.

Enjoy your weekend!

Barb - Great, Great photos and great times Rose! Thanks for the fun weekend and the fun memories! Love you guys!

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