Change Your Perspective

A vital element in wedding photography is being creative. You would want the couple to look at the photos and say, “these photos are amazing”. Creativity is what will make your photos stand out. Don’t see things in their usual way, look at things from an unusual angle to add an element of creativity in each shot. Even the most ordinary objects like flowers at the reception can make an exceptional shot if you experiment with different perspectives and angles. Although most of the photos may end up looking formal, mix up things a little in a creative way.

Wedding Group Shots

Group shots in a wedding are fun, but how can you capture a photo with twenty or thirty people in it? After a ceremony, you can arrange a place where you can get high above everyone and get a shot. You can photograph from the balcony or even from the roof. Getting up high will ensure that you capture everyone’s face and have everyone in one shot. Don’t overlook group shots in your next wedding photography session.

Fill in Flash

During posed shots or when shooting outside, you may want to keep the flash attached. This will give a little fill-in flash, but make sure it’s the correct amount so that the photos aren’t blown out. For backlit or shadowy situations, fill in flash may be a must. Fill flash is not the primary source of light, but it’s used to supplement the existing lighting conditions, where natural light doesn’t reach.

Continous Shooting Mode

Shooting lots of images fast may come in handy in a wedding. This may be particularly useful when shooting moving subjects such as children enjoying the wedding. However, you need to think about the focusing strategy. Some high-end cameras continuous focusing to help with this but with simpler cameras, you may find the focusing isn’t keeping up in the continuous shooting mode. Keep in mind this factor before turning on this mode. Also, practise using this mode upfront to determine the sensitivity of the shutter release.

Expect the Unusual

Don’t expect everything to go smoothly all through; anything can happen at any time. You may be relaxed capturing photos, then the rain starts pouring down or even the rings cannot be found. These situations may be panicky, but you can use them to give the couple wonderful memories. Capture these moments and you may end up with some funny images that can sum up the album on a lighter note.

Relax and Have Fun!

Finally, remember that weddings are all about fun and celebration. Although they may be stressful for you as the photographer, relax, chat with the guests and enjoy yourself. Being relaxed will help you be more creative and deliver high-quality results. Always be armed with a smile and the people you’re shooting will smile for your camera.

Hopefully, these tips will help you make the most out of your next wedding photography. The most important thing is being sensitive about how the bride and groom feel about their special day and reflect this in your photography.