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*DO NOT VIEW IN IE BROWSER UNTIL IE9 IS RELEASED* Hello, friends! Thanks for stopping by the Simply Rose blog and I hope that you stay a while to see my latest work and musings. I am a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based out of Vancouver and Smithers BC with my husband, baby boy and 2 cats. I'd love to hear about your upcoming wedding or any ideas you may have for a family session so please contact me to say hello! ~ Rose

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Can you help me name this Seed Pod?

Today’s Romantic Bloom is coming at ‘cha from St. Catharines in Ontario. I’m here visiting family my husband’s family for two weeks and we are doing a tour of the Ottawa-Toronto-St. Catharine’s area. So far it’s been a really wonderful visit and Fin has been a champ, especially on the plane which, as any new parent traveling with a baby would be concerned about.

This bloom is not really a bloom at all, but a seed pod and I have no idea what it is called. If anybody out there knows, please let me know! I have been researching on Google and have come up empty-handed. It’s another lovely bouquet filler but I think it looks great on it’s own. I love the subtle colours, textures and shapes in this. I am very fond of round-types of flowers like Alliums and Billy Balls (these I have yet to photograph) and such, perhaps because they aren’t a very common flower shape it seems.  And they just fit really nicely into bouquets to round it out while adding an interesting visual dimension.

Enough of my academic review. Onto the pictures (there aren’t many today, sorry!)……

  • elizabeth kowal: i wish i could. it's beautiful rose! (December 21, 2023 7:58 pm)
  • Simply Rose: Thanks Elizabeth! Maybe one day I'll find out! (December 22, 2023 7:54 pm)