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Oahu, Hawaii :: Day 3

Finally at day 3! Today’s adventures - fruit and food and other stuff!

Sorry for all the pictures of the pineapples, but I just thought they were the coolest things ever! As we were driving to the North Shore along the Kamehameha Highway, we came across the glorious pineapple fields of Dole. And these stretched on forever. I really like pineapple, so for me, it was a pretty neat sight. I’m sure a lot of people haven’t really considered where pineapples really grow and to be honest, I was one of those people until about a year ago. I sort of had a picture in my head of how they grew, maybe on some sort of short, stubby bush, and that’s kind of true, but these plants looked downright unfriendly. I like to eat pineapple and am very thankful for the people that harvest them because I sure wouldn’t want to!

Some pictures of lunch and our swanky transportation for the week - a never-been-driven new Fiat! Small, zippy and one tank of gas all week. And we did quite a bit of driving, so it was really efficient!

Another legendary item on the list….Matsumotos Shaved Ice in Haleiwa. Jarusha proudly displays her chilled treat. Go Jarusha!

Another beautiful beach, some gorgeous pink flowers and some ruins to cap off this day.

Mahalo, Hawaii, you treated me well and I look forward to meeting you again!


Brenda - I love the pictures of the pineapples! Very informative.

Oahu, Hawaii :: Day 2

I have a few more images from my Hawaii trip in May that I haven’t shared yet! *gasp* So now I am catching up and feeling somewhat nostalgic in the midst of all this soppy weather. Even though I do like the rain, it is good to get away from it too!

On this day, Jarusha and I took a trip up the east coast to the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie. First stop, beach. Of course. Kualoa Regional Park to be exact. The drive was spectacular, right along the entire coast - I sure got my fill of white sandy beaches and aquamarine water. We stopped for lunch at the Shrimp Shack, which is somewhat legendary, although I didn’t quite understand the big plate of plain white rice that came along with my coconut shrimp. There was nothing to put onto it and it just sat there, looking kind of sad. The truck itself, however was fun to photograph!

Final destination was the Cultural Center and I must admit, for a tourist attraction, it was very well done and definitely something I would take my family to in the future. The concept of the park is interesting and something that I think would translate well in BC - basically there are 7 villages, each a different Polynesian people group, and in each village are activities that were traditionally done in that particular cultural group. It was very interesting and lots of hands-on stuff, which is why it would be great for older kids. We also opted for the luau (purple buns! cheesy announcer guy! roast pigs! fancy drinks!) and also the evening show, Ha - The Breath of Life, which by far stole the whole day away. Amazing!

Stay tuned for day 3 when we check out a pineapple farm, go to the famous Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice and visit more beautiful beaches! And if you want to see images from day 1 go here!


Wildgrass Photoshoot

I love fall, it’s my favourite season of the year. After my weddings for the year are all done and the air starts getting crisp, I begin to feel incredibly inspired for a new season. It’s a good time of reflection and to do some more personal projects for myself, including this one.

My friend, Onyx of Amoda Weddings was my gracious model and we went out with her husband one beautiful fall afternoon to Iona Beach for this series of fall-inspired images. Fall, to me, is such a contrast of textures and I wanted to try to highlight that as well as introduce a new concept for a wedding bouquet, well one that I have never seen before, and that was a wildgrass bouquet. Since Onyx is a florist by trade, she obliged to making the bouquet and include her own personal touches on it (the pine cone flowers).

The Ellebay gown was the perfect dress for the concept and Emily worked some magic with her skills to make Onyx look like a beautiful, natural fall goddess. It was everything I wanted, really.

This shot was also featured in Style Me Pretty Canada, which was exciting as well. My second Style Me Pretty feature!

I hope you have enjoyed this shoot, I’m hoping to do some more in the off-season!

Happy weekend =)


Hair and Makeup: Emily Cheng

Gown: Ellebay

Flowers and Notions: Amoda Weddings


Lyndsay London - Beautiful session! Love the location! And congrats on the features.

Nicole Hill - Wow these photographs are absolutely beautiful! The shots of the bride twirling are breathtaking! Great work!