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Karen and Mike :: Stanley Park Engagement

A little while ago, Karen, Mike and I met at Stanley Park on a promising-looking Sunday - especially after we had so much rain. Here on the West Coast, it’s just one of those things and you never really know what’s going to happen sometimes, but this day turned out to be rain-free.

We had a great time sampling some of Stanley Parks’ finest - the seawall, the old growth forest and the beach. It really does not get more quintessential to Vancouver than this. Karen and Mike obliged to my suggestions of gallivanting to and fro and I think it was excellent, we got a really well-rounded set of images. Even a few sweet and silly ones.

Gentle and kind, this incredibly artistic pair is tying the knot in the beginning of May at the Brix. I really look forward to seeing them again, but this time on a most special day!

Happy Monday!


lyndsay - 4th one down. Boom. favorite. nice session my friend.

Happy Birthday

It was this early morning that a chubby little newborn arrived and completely changed everything.

Sometimes for the bad (not gonna lie, those sleepless nights were no picnic) but mostly for the good.

Happy birthday to my Finney, who turns 3 today.

And I promise some more smiley pictures are on their way after our trip to the Oregon coast this weekend.

Happy Easter everyone!

Tea Time

I got this sunny little fellow at a thrift store yesterday. The colour, the shape - I love everything about it, especially what is going into it these days. I visited David’s Tea a few weeks ago to get a gift and had some leftover Green & Fruity as well as Glitter & Gold. Sold. You had me at Glittter, David’s.

I am currently planning my next foray…..

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday, wherever you are!


Jam Dots

For some reason or other, I have a lot of jam in my fridge. And we aren’t really jam sorts of people. Unless it’s my homemade blackberry jam with nutmeg and cinnamon, then my husband will tell you a different story. I thought it would be fun to use up some of our jam in cookie form and I always have liked jam dots even though I rarely eat or make them. In fact, I have only made them once before using a gluten-free recipe and they weren’t that great. But I found one that was yummy and I used my all-purpose gluten-free flour mix that I put in pretty much all of my baking so my husband can eat it.

I had blackberry, apricot and strawberry jam on hand but the strawberry didn’t quite work out - it melted and slid off the cookie so only the blackberry and apricot made it to the final photoshoot. Either way, it’s always fun to try a new sort of cookie and I know my son always appreciates it with a big smile and a, “Mmmmmm, yummy!”

Happy Friday!