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Indie I do :: Vancouver Wedding Show

I popped on over to Indie I Do yesterday to check out some rainy day wedding awesomeness and the event did not disappoint. I have never been a vendor at Indie I Do, nor have I ever even attended it so I wanted to go and say hi. It was wonderful to see some familiar faces of those I’ve worked with in the past and also to make some new connections. I am a very strong believer in making connections with other wedding vendors and fostering good working relationships that are mutually beneficial. Because we’re all in this together!

In my wanderings, I managed to document some of the top-notch people that were showing there including:

Pure Magnolia

Carmen West Creative

Dresses from Frocks Modern Bridesmaid



Heirloom Magazine

Trove Vintage Rentals - A Division of Spruce Collective

Down the Aisle

Le Gateau Bake Shop

Delovely Creative

There were many others that I just didn’t manage to get around to meeting but if you are getting married in 2014, I would highly recommend this show for next year.


lyndsay - awww lovely photos!!

Owners Frocks - Beautiful photos. You captured the unique style and feel of the Indie I Do show perfectly!

Angela Hubbard - gorgeous blog post and photos :)

Kerry - so beautiful! I wish I’d known about this before I got married!

Valentine’s Day Giveaway

It’s time for the 2nd annual Valentine’s Day Giveaway! Last year’s shoot was so much fun that I decided to do it again!

To enter, just follow this link to the Facebook entry. Submissions are being taken until January 31 and voting begins on February 1st. You can also find the contest on Vancity Weddings under their Contests tab.

Looking forward to seeing all your submissions and reading about your love stories!

Happy Saturday!


How to Pose for a Cookie

It’s OK, you can be honest with me.

Parents with kids, I know that you’ve all done this before.

And the conversation goes something like this…..

Parent: “Just look at Mummy and give me one smile.”

Child: “No.”

Parent: “Just one, c’mon!”

Child: “No.” And proceeds to run away.

A pause as the parent contemplates what she is about to say next.

Parent: “I’ll give you a cookie if you give Mummy one nice smile.”

Child stops, ears perk up, face beams. “Cookie?”

Yes, cookie.

 And that is the only way this happened today.

Enjoy your weekend with your families!


elizabeth kowal - yes, i think we’ve all done this for a smile for the camera. what a cute little guy!

jennifer armstrong - awesome. And the photos, too. :O)


I keep hearing how this is the worst flu year in the past four years and I believe it. This is the third time I’ve gotten sick in two months, I just can’t seem to get rid of whatever this is that keeps haunting me. And it’s also affected my family - my son has had a cough for nearly two months now and after numerous trips to the pediatrician, we finally got some chest x-rays to make sure that he doesn’t have pneumonia. We are still waiting for the x-rays to show up at the pediatrician’s but after a week of antibiotics, things seem to be getting a bit better. The whole time, however, it’s never really seemed to bother him. He’s such a little trooper.

This time around, I tried some different remedies. I think the cinnamon and honey did the trick for the sore throat but now I’m dealing with a hacking cough and a general feeling of wear, the sort that shows up in the first few days of a bad cold. But I think this might be the worst of it, I hope. Sometimes all the precautions in the world still don’t matter.

What are some of your home remedies for when you get sick?

Emily - My doctor told me recently that the average cough lasts 21 days. And antibiotics don’t make a cold-cough better, only if you have bronchitis or pneumonia. Depressing, isn’t it?

When I’m sick I’ll go for pho or thai food (extra spicy!) and lots of tea. Feel better!