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Vegetable Wedding Bouquets

I’ve had flowers a lot on the brain lately and was thinking about different kinds of wedding bouquets ~ perhaps ones you could eat? There are some very pretty vegetables out there, like the Veronica variety of cauliflower for example that might work in a bouquet. So I did a little bit of sleuthing about and found all sorts of goodies!

Would love to see more of this kind of thing this year!

Top left: Gala apples, nito twigs, calamansi leaves, and dried filler. Image taken from

Top middle: Romanesco broccoli. Image taken by JennyGG Photography

Top right: Green asparagus and calla lillies. Image taken by Caroline Ghetes

Bottom left: Broccoli, cauliflower and green peppers (siling tagalong). Image from

Bottom right: Mayana leaves, pasta, sponge gourd, dried lemons, rattan fruit, eucalyptus leaves. Image taken from

Shona Dion - Thanks for sharing Rose. What a great idea!

Simply Rose - Isn’t it great? Although, just as a note, I didn’t take any of these pictures, please follow the links to where they came from!

@WeddingMusicPro - Wow, what a brilliant concept! The broccoli & cauliflower are perfect fits for the bouquet, love the photography too! :)

Simply Rose - I love them all! It’s such a good idea…

Jacqueline Quiring - Creative! The apple one is adorable!

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