I spend a great deal of time keeping up with what’s out there photography-wise. Who’s doing what, what’s up and coming, and work that gets the creative juices flowing. Here is a list of photographers that I really enjoy following and there are always new ones that I am finding, so I’ll try to keep this list as updated as possible. I have tried to divide the artists by genre, but a lot of photographers do many things from weddings to newborns and a lot just specialize in one specific area.

Wedding Focused
Anastasia Photography (Whistler, BC)
Anne Ruthman Photography (Boston, MA)
Aspect Arts Photography (Kamloops, BC)
Ben Chrisman Photography (San Fransisco, CA)
Chris + Lynn Photography (Vancouver, BC)
Chris Boar Photography (Nanaimo, BC)
Daniel Usenko Photography (Seattle, WA)
Darbi G Photography (Kansas City, MO)
Erin Gilmore Photography (Vancouver, BC)
Funky Town Photography (Victoria, BC)
J. Shipley Photography (Santa Barbara, CA)
Jamie Delaine Photography (Vancouver, BC)
Jasmine Star Photography (Orange County, CA)
Jennifer Yun Photography (Toronto, ONT)
Jesh de Rox (Edmonton, AB)
Kamp Photography (Winnipeg, MB)
Kristel Wyman Photography (Vancouver, BC)
Liberty Tree Photography (Chilliwack, BC)
Michael Wachniak Photography (White Rock, BC)
Michelle M. Waite Photography (Bellingham, WA)
Mindcastle Studios (Seattle, WA)
Ophelia Photography (Vancouver, BC)
Perspective Eye (Calgary, AB)

Family Focused Photography by Claire Bremner (Melbourne, Australia)
Bobbi Carpino Photography (Prince George, BC)
Roxanna J. Hooge Photography (Chilliwack, BC)
Tara Whitney Photography (Orange County, CA)
Tamara Lackey Photography (Durham, NC)

Maternity and Newborn Focused
Ashley Skjaveland Photographer (Red Deer, AB)
Emily Weaver Brown Photography (Seattle, WA)
Kristie Larsen Photography (Smithers, BC)
Life in Motion (Austin, Texas)
Sweet Fields Photography (Victoria, BC)
Sweet Ginger Photography (Calgary, AB)

Erik Almas Photography (San Fransisco, CA)

Lemon Lime Photography (Kansas City, MO)
Mindcastle Studios (Seattle, WA)
Still Motion (Toronto, ONT)

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