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I grew up in a neighborhood that is very multicultural and now I am back to the same area for a brief period of time. I really value having grown up with so many different cultures around me ~ it gives me such an appreciation for different colours, tastes and beliefs. And it keeps reminding me of how much of the world I haven’t yet seen but would like to!

Every year since I was a kid, the Sikh community celebrates a festival called Vaisaki, which marks the beginning of the new solar year as well as the new harvest season. Streets are shut down, the local merchants on Fraser St. serve complimentary Indian dishes, there is entertainment and a large float processional that weaves its way to the Sikh temple on Marine Drive. It is such a colourful event ~ I love all the colours that the women wear in their saris and all the sparkly, detailed beading that often goes along with it. I really love Indian food too, although I might have to nix this for Fin’s sake for a while (we had a few days of a sad, gassy infant and I’m wondering if it was because of the spicy food from breastfeeding).

There is an even larger Vaisakhi festival in Surrey this upcoming weekend that we are going to try to make it to. Fin did such a good job in the Baby Bjorn even though it was a very loud and busy afternoon.

For last year’s festival pictures, you can see those on my old blog here.

CTV’s Mi Jung Lee! Last year I got to see Pamela Martin. I love our local news anchors!

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