Wedding FAQ’s

1) Will you be the person photographing our wedding?
Yes! I am the owner and operator of my company so I will be your main contact person for any questions or concerns you may have throughout the entire process. I will be your photographer on your special day!

2) Do you use a second shooter? Is there an extra charge?
I do have a few professional photographers that I communicate with on a regular basis that are able to assist me at larger weddings. Generally once a wedding roster gets upwards of 50-100 guests, a second shooter is a great asset in catching all those candid moments I am not able to during formal shoots. Final pricing will include the costs and expenses (if required) of an assistant.

3) What is your approach to planning and executing wedding photography?

I am definitely a photojournalistic shooter. I prefer people to be themselves and carry out their activities like they normally would as if I was not even there. I like to think of my work as organic, real and natural and try to capture those moments without making my clients feels as though they are needing to be somebody they aren’t in their photographs. Granted there will be some posed photography throughout the day, but in that, I will be watching for those “in between” moments before the kiss or the look just before the hug. My greatest desire is to make sure that you are reflected in the images…..because you are fabulous!

4) How many wedding photos can we expect?
This will depend on the length of your wedding and how much activity there is. In a 12 hour day, I can take upwards of 2,000+ photographs and my assistant the same amount! That can be incredibly overwhelming so I pare it down considerably to make it more manageable for you. For a 12 hour day, you can expect to see about 600-800 lightly proofed images (colour and light correction, some cropping if needed) and 50 finally retouched images (more complex post treatment). You will be receiving images you can use to print from and to use for the web, for faster uploads.

5) Do we get a CD of all our high-resolution photos?
I am moving away from the CD and DVD delivery of digital files and working towards a custom flash drive made out of recycled or renewable materials. This allows for the reuse of the flash drive as well as the presentation tin it will be arriving in. Included in the price is the Eco flash drive and presentation case combination. On the drive, there will be a number of different folders for print (high resolution) or web (low resolution) use.

6) Are the images fully retouched?
Not all of them. There are some differences in the editing process between lightly proofed images and final retouched images. Images from the entire day are lightly proofed for colour and light correction, cropping if needed and any other item I may consider to edit. The final retouched images are individually hand-edited to make them pop even more and take more time and care to work on. I take into consideration any skin blemishes and will retouch them accordingly (within reason).

7) Do we get copyright to our photos? What type?
You will be sharing a limited copyright of the images with myself. What this means for you is that:
• You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor;
• You may not use the images for any commercial purposes and;
• You may not alter, transform or build upon the work.

I use a watermark on any image that has been prepared for the web and ask all of my clients to please use these when posting to the internet. Not only are they faster to load, but it is also a form of advertising.

If you would like to use some of my images in commercial works, please contact me.

Since I spend a great deal of time working on your images and because it is largely an expression of art, I ask all of my clients to not alter the work in any way, shape or form. The reason why a photograph looks a certain way is because I chose it to look a certain way to evoke a particular mood through the post-processing. By altering this or removing the watermark for internet use not only undermines the contract, but it also undermines myself as an artist. This is one point I strongly stand on, please respect it!

You can print, email, Facebook, blog and give the photos to family and friends. You just can’t sell them and make sure you tell others where you got them from!

8 ) What do you shoot with and do you carry backup equipment?
I use Canon professional DSLR cameras, and do carry backup equipment.

9) Will you stay if our wedding lasts longer than scheduled? What is the charge?
For a full day, I will stay until the last reception “event” is done (bouquet toss, garter toss, first dance, whatever it may be). A full day covers everything from getting ready to the last reception event and there is no additional cost. For shorter packages, additional hours of shooting can be added if requested.

10) How long after our wedding will our photos be ready?
I like to have a blog posting ready within a week for you to view. The media delivery package itself will be ready in 4 weeks. Please allow for additional time if mailing.

11) Will you be shooting other weddings or events at a time that is close to mine?
I never double book on the same day. Your wedding day will be yours alone.

12) What do you wear on the wedding day?
I will dress according to the formality of the occasion, generally opting for an understated palette of white and black. I always wear pants as this will give me the best mobility…..I often find myself on the ground, on tables, chairs or awkward positions that a skirt would not allow!

13) Will my photos be all over the Internet after the wedding?
I always ask my clients beforehand if it’s OK to create a blog posting of their wedding day and I haven’t had one “no” yet! I try to post some of my top favourites from the day (usually around 15-20 images) with a short description of the wedding day. The contract allows me to use your photographs for any promotional purposes for my business and that includes print as well as internet distribution. I will always be tasteful and if you just don’t want me to do it, please let me know and we can alter the agreement. There is a compensation fee should you decline from allowing me to use the images for commercial purposes.

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