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Playing in the Gravel

While on holidays in Vancouver this week, we took our son to an old childhood haunt of mine, the Maple Grove outdoor pool in Kerrisdale. Some of my earliest memories are from this place (around 3 years old) and I only have good things to recall from regular summer visits with my family. It’s not the sort of pool with all those crazy doodads you see at outdoor waterparks these days and it’s not a very deep one either, it’s essentially a perfect sized pool for the wee folk. But when I dipped my son’s feet into the shallow water, he wouldn’t have any of it and we retired to the park instead. Much more his speed. You know, climbing things, sliding on stuff and of course, eating rocks.

I can’t believe how big he’s gotten when I look at pictures like this. Seems like yesterday I was posting his birth announcement (don’t mind the old blog, I accidentally deleted the template which is why it looks like the way it does!).

Love your little ones well. They are only this size for so long!

Wilma - Hey Rose - He’s getting so big! And, once again I can see ‘family’ in that face. Blessings to you all.

Erin, Miss B and Family

I was approached by a co-worker a short while ago whose sister was interested in doing a family session. Not only was I excited to work with my former supervisor, I was also really looking forward to meeting little Miss B and the rest of the family. You can see the preview images here.

I met everyone on a lovely property just outside of town, a small acreage with immaculate landscaping complete with a backyard pond. A perfect setting for a casual evening family photo session. Everyone was all smiles and we got some giggles out of the little one as well (thanks to some resourceful and funny grandparents hiding behind me!). It always makes me smile when I consider the things we do to make our little people laugh!

Then it was all Erin and Miss B, perfectly in sync in pink outfits. It really doesn’t get any better than that! After sampling some delectables from the garden, we topped off the session with some giggles high in the air and sitting pretty on a weathered bench. I couldn’t have asked for a better model, Miss B was so cheery and perfectly content hanging out with her Mom in the back yard.

Thanks so much for having me document your family Erin and kin! I had a wonderful time meeting you, your little one and family and here’s to hoping that your wedding day is everything you wished for and more this summer!


The DeWinter Family

I love these guys.

My husband and I have known Xan a really long time and when we met his wife-to-be, Mokie, a few years ago, we knew that this would be a sublime pairing. And now we know they make sublimely beautiful babies! Every time I see little Miss A, she just gets prettier and her personality sunnier the older she gets. In fact, she is such a wonderful baby, I almost tucked her away for myself ~ let’s just say that I’m hoping for a girl next. And don’t any of you be starting cyberspace rumors either! There are no new babies on the horizon here!

Without further ado, here are our good friends after an evening of hanging out on the lawn in our hood, fresh dreadlocks, cute pup and all.

Hoping you are all enjoying your summer evening wherever you are!

James and Melicia

I’m uploading this blog posting from a Starbucks in Vancouver right now. It’s been a glorious day here in the city and now to top it off, I just finished working on an incredible Engagement Session from a little while ago here.

I don’t think I can stress enough how much I adore it when clients take their Engagement Session and come up with their own ideas on how to spice it up to not only make it more meaningful for them but also add a bit of fun. I had met with James and Melicia a short while before the session to brainstorm some ideas and there were many good ones but I was oh so happy when James suggested going to Hazelton Old Town for a location and equally excited when Melicia told me that they were going to be bringing two his and hers vintage-style Electra Bikes from the local Smithers bike shop, McBike and Sport. I knew this was going to be a good night!

We started off their session at ‘Ksan, which is a historical village and museum with a beautiful collection of long houses and totem poles. It’s a gorgeous spot right at the confluence of the Bulkey and Skeena Rivers, so if you ever find yourself in this area, be sure to stop by and check it out. The site was also partially fitting due to James’ Metis background and their pup, Sobi hopped into a few of the shots as well.

The rest of the session was spent wandering around the glory of Hazelton Old Town with the Electras and we put those bikes to excellent use. And kudos to James for being the biggest groom trooper ~ I loved how he was into the whole photo session and pointing out new spots at every turn. At one point, I told him he had to stop or else we’d never get home!

Thanks so much James and Melicia for driving all the way out to Hazelton (and suggesting it in the first place because I had wanted to shoot there forever!), for bringing the bikes and having so much fun with it all. Can’t wait for your August wedding!


Carolyn - wow! sweet!

Carissa - Beautiful photography, just gorgeous!! :-)

Melicia - I absolutely LOVE all of them! Thank you for making this such a memorable experience.

Ryan, Andrea and the Girls

I love photographing families. I love the energy of the kids, the pride on the parents faces, and the dynamics between everyone. And the only way to get these unscripted moments in time that defines your family, is to let the kids be who they are and just go with it. Run, dance, chase, get a little dirty,  and maybe sometimes put a spoon on your nose.

I met this sweet family at the Toboggan Creek Fish Hatchery just outside of Smithers. When choosing a location, I always consider a few things ~ are there enough spots with variety to shoot in (buildings with lots of different textures or interesting outdoor locations), will I need to consider certain permissions to go there or even pay a fee, and will it fit the people I’m photographing. When I initially met Ryan, he commented how perfect the spot was for their family. They had never been there before so they viewed this as an adventure. And I like that!

There were creeks to play in, fields to run in, trails to explore, anthills to inspect… was a perfect place for a family with two young busy girls with inquisitive minds and lots of energy to burn. Andrea brought a set of spoons to play around with and it was a hit! Pure entertainment was had by all. They also brought their boots along, just in case some creek wading was to occur, which it did. Although, one of the girls got a little too familiar with it, slipped on a muddy spot and got very dirty and wet but we were already wrapping up the day so she didn’t have to stay cold for very long.

It was a lot of fun and thanks everyone for making the morning a big adventure! Don’t forget to leave some comments below…

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are!