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Welcome Spring Preview

I wanted to do a project with Trove Vintage and Amoda Flowers so we put together a lovely
spring fling at Jericho Beach yesterday afternoon.
And I love how it all turned out.
There were three different looks altogether and all are so pretty and different.
But you’ll just have to wait a bit for the rest as I am in the midst of a very busy time and moving as well.
But in the meantime, please check out these lovely ladies that came out yesterday,
they are all extremely talented and fantastic to work with.

Just a few from the shoot yesterday with…..

Lucia ~ model

Alejandra Thomasson ~ Hair/Make-up Artist

Trove Vintage ~ Vintage furniture and decor rentals

Amoda Flowers ~ Florist using organic, local, Fair Trade and Veriflora Certified flowers


Jacqueline - Oh, Rose, I love it!!! SOooooo pretty!!!

jen - gorgeous as usual

Lucia Pecnikova - Loved working with you Rose!! Beautiful images:)

Simply Rose - Thanks Lucia, you were fabulous!

Simply Rose - Thanks for the kind words, ladies!

Cathy Empey - Beautiful work! So much talent between you all. I look forward to seeing more images!

Simply Rose - Thanks, Cathy! It really was a lovely project with such wonderful people.

Alejandra Thomasson - Oh beautiful!!! I loved the colors and the concept! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures Rose! I loved working with you, you’re a very talented photographer, I love your work….

Simply Rose - Thanks Alejandra! It was wonderful working with you again! I’m hoping to get to the rest of these very soon, this sunny weather and the greening up of the trees is making me feel spring-y!

Glen, Robin and Baby Bump

I love it when couples get married. I love it when couples have babies. And I especially enjoy it when I get to be a part of their lives from the beginning of their husband and wife journeys.

Enter Glen and Robin.

Robin approached me a few years back, inquiring about doing something a little bit different. She was interested in a Trash the Dress sort of shoot but also wanted to do a vow renewal with her husband, Glen, as a one year anniversary celebration. So we went to a bluff overlooking the Bulkley River canyon on an overcast late summer day and they read to each other their renewed vows, one year later. Nobody was there but the two of them, face to face in a place that they loved. It was very powerful and I was so honored to be a part of it. You can see that session here (and that is going back a few blogs).

Robin contacted me again last year about a maternity session and everything lined up for a Sunday afternoon session in their home in Smithers and a gorgeous outdoor spot. She looked absolutely radiant and we had a great time tromping through knee-deep snow. Don’t worry, Glen and I packed down the snow for her! I love it when couples are up for doing anything I ask them to, willing to go along with some crazy vision I see in my head. It takes a lot of trust in your photographer to jump over that muddy ditch into a snowbank, squeeze through a gate that’s padlocked and slog through snow to find the perfect grove of Aspens. I’m so thankful for the couples that trust me and I never take it for granted.

Thank you Glen and Robin, once again, for such a wonderful, sunny afternoon in the snow. I can’t wait to meet your little one, I’m sure that he/she will be just as adventurous as you both are!

And here’s the slideshow! Just click the play button.

Put a Bird on It

I saw this a little while ago and have been thinking about it again lately.
I love Portlandia!
And I love birds! On things….
It’s just so funny, thought I’d post it here for a little Thursday morning chuckle.


Nisbett Family

I’ve known Robb and Michelle for a long time, so long in fact that I can’t really even remember how long ago it was that I met them but it certainly was in our very early 20′s. We were all living in Whistler at the time, spending our days (or nights) working menial jobs (except Michelle had a “real” job with the RCMP) to pay the bills and the rest of the time snowboarding in the mountains. We all met through the Whistler Community Church, which over the course of my years in Whistler saw the young adults group grow to about 50 or 60 ~ and it was so exciting. It was such an amazing time of growth and learning, friendships and fellowship ~ it was church unlike anything I had ever experienced before and it was all focused on relationships with others and most of all, a relationship with Christ.

People began moving away, getting married, having babies, or going back to university. I went back to SFU to finally finish my degree (only took me 6 years!) and eventually move to northern BC for employment in my field. While in our second year in Smithers, I got news that Robb, Michelle and their little family were moving up due to a RCMP transfer, which they had been praying over for quite some time. That was about 4 years ago.

They’ve since added two beautiful little girls to their family along with an awesome 6-year-old that is saving up for his first BB gun (which immediately takes me back to The Christmas Story, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”). I love their family ~ so much life, love, chaos, laughter, sharing. Just watching Ronan with his sisters, how gentle he is with them and enjoying playing with them, was such a joy. Robb and Michelle are both such fun-loving, big-hearted, do-anything-for you kinds of people that it just spills out into their family, into the community around them and I feel so blessed to know them.

Thanks guys for such an amazing morning (and fabulous coffee) with your family! I look forward to watching your children grow and see where your ministry in Smithers takes you.

Also, don’t forget the slideshow, Michelle chose the song for it and I think it’s perfect.

Akhil - Great pictures Rose… and I love this song by Jesus Culture..

michelle - rose we finally got to see this slideshow! its great! we love it! can’t wait to get some of those photos on our walls :) xoxo

Simply Rose - Wonderful, Michelle! Glad you are enjoying them!

Simply Rose Etsy Shop is open!

It’s finally open!

The Etsy shop is online and stocked with a number of Romantic Blooms matted prints so come on by and have a look-see.

I began this collection last summer simply because I was inspired by a rose in my father’s garden
and it expanded to include 11 floral varieties. I hope to do more.

Most of them are 7×7 or smaller right now and I will be adding different things over time.

Aaaand *drumroll please* I’m giving away one 7×7 matted print to a random fan on Facebook tonight, so if you haven’t done so yet,
stop by and fan the Simply Rose Photography page for your chance to win!

Click on the pic to get to the store or click here ~ happy browsing!

lyndsay london - So great, Rose! LOVE this!!!! You are too fab!

Simply Rose - Thanks, Lyndsay!