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Vaisakhi Festival

Every April is the Vaisakhi Festival in the Sikh community and my parent’s neighborhood turns into a boisterous place full of wonderful smells, bright colours and loud music. It’s become a bit of a tradition of mine to photograph this event the past few years and this is my third. You can see the others here and here.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Tuesday!


I had this posting saved for a while so I thought I’d put it up today as a reminder of happier times. My son has the worst sinus cold right now (caught from his mommy!) and has been whining non-stop the past 3 days. My husband and I are still sick but getting a little better each day, although my cold is turning into a cough. I guess these things just need to run their course!

Internet will hopefully be up for tomorrow but there are no guarantees as there is something wrong with our landline connection. Ah, the joys of relocating!

Hope you are having a wonderful, lazy Sunday wherever you are!

A Wee Update

I am writing with barely a voice, a horrible sore throat, the stuffiest of sinuses, the foggiest head and a sad little cough. I’ve been going non-stop for a week now and it won’t slow down for at least another week. Moving while sick with a sick baby into a townhome that clearly wasn’t move-in ready has been incredibly stressful to say the least. So this is just a little note to please be gentle with me right now, I will get back into it as soon as we get our phone/internet situation sorted out, which will hopefully be by early next week.

In the meantime, I am going to continue popping Sinutab, drink all of my Neocitran up and chew as many Fisherman’s Friend as I can. Hope you all out there are feeling better than I so go outside and enjoy that sunshine for me wherever you are!

Happy Friday!

Emily Hoskins - Thinking of you Rose! Sounds pretty overwhelming. I wish I was there to help. Remember that unpacking can wait a bit, though I’m sure that you’re anxious to get it all done before you start back to work. Call me when you get a chance, but no rush. Take your time, get settled, heal up, and relax (as much as possible :P )

Simply Rose - Aw, thanks Em! It’s been pretty rough and we have had some help with Fin moving in. Might be a bit for the phone and internet though =(

Romantic Blooms Etsy Sale for Earth Day!

In lieu of so many wonderful things today, more specifically Earth Day and my 6th wedding anniversary, I am holding a sale in the Romantic Blooms Etsy shop. Everything will be 10% off today if you use the coupon code EARTH! All of my prints are placed on 4-ply acid and lignin-free cotton rag that is archival. Stop on by and grab something pretty for your home, office or a friend who just might need some cheering up.

Hope you all have a wonderful Earth Day and Easter weekend!

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