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Lee and Jennifer // Preview

Well today was the first sunny day since….um, I can’t even remember! It’s been a really wet spring and segway into summer and I’m hoping that these sunny temps will stay for good now. Lee, Jennifer and I headed out into town for their Engagement Session today and here is just a smattering. More to come!

Happy Sunday!

Hang out with Anita

She rides bikes and jumps them off of things. Big things.

She climbs rocks. Steep rocks.

She plays a mean game of soccer.

She snowboards in the winter and jumps off of big things. Again. And sometimes gets vertical in the pipe.

She is a smartie to boot and an engineer. She can rock a mean power suit in the office.

She loves helping people and has spent countless hours teaching mountain biking, organizing functions in university and empowering women to be their best.

She’s fun, she’s kind, she’s smart…..sounds pretty much like perfect to me.

We spent an afternoon at her apartment in Kerrisdale a while ago taking some pictures of a few of her favourite things. And it’s her birthday so leave her some love!


damara - happy birthday! and Rose…beautiful. One of my top favourites is one of the last where she is holding the cup and you get half her face…so beautiful.

Irenia R - Great photos of Anita!! Very cool

Simply Rose - Thanks, Irenia, appreciate your comment!

Simply Rose - Thanks Damara, it’s one of my faves too!

Promo Postcards from Spark Jewelry

I just got these lovely cards featuring some of my work in the mail today from Christina of Spark Jewelry. Back in January of this year, I put together a fun wedding shoot featuring a number of Vancouver vendors offering green products for brides and Spark was one of those vendors. So if you like pretty things that are made in a sustainable way, check out Christina’s work!

lyndsay london - awesome cards. i have a hard time believing that that’s me in those :D .

Simply Rose - Haha, the cards look even better in person =)


Another Romantic Bloom to round out this weekend ~ the Eucalyptus. This one smells great as well, although you kind of need to release the scent after rubbing the leaves a bit. I love the resemblance it bears to a succulent. Plus all those layers make it really fun to photograph.

Happy holiday Monday to my fellow Canadians!

Bells of Ireland

Well, it’s been a while since I did a Romantic Blooms posting and thought it was high time, especially since all kinds of new, green life is cropping up outside. I feel inspired!

I have a few new flowers on the way and then will likely take a break until garden blooms start showing up. I have some wonderful things planned this summer in regards to flowers, and locally produced flowers at that, so stick around for some more pretty things.

Today’s bloom are the Bells of Ireland. I have seen these before and couldn’t decide if I liked them or not. I saw them again and finally made up my mind, I like them! Plus they have this amazing, light scent that is very pretty. I would love to see a cluster bouquet of these with perhaps something a bit different to off-set the green. Either way,  the colour is gorgeous, they smell fantastic and the bells have a lovely leafy texture look to them. I think they’re great!

lyndsay london - Quite lovely!!!