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Blair and Dana

Meet Blair. And meet Dana. They were the winners of the Valentine’s Day giveaway.

It was one of the rainier days around, but that didn’t stop us from going ahead with our plans. I had a few covered spots that I scoped out in Gastown that worked well should the skies have parted and really come down. After we met at the Starbucks on Water St, we dashed outside the moment it looked like the rain was easing up. And it did for pretty much the rest of the shoot as well.

Blair and Dana are from Squamish so it was great chatting to them from an insiders perspective as we have been somewhat interested in that part of the Sea to Sky for a bit now. They are such a wonderful couple ~ fun, carefree and completely in love. How fitting for a Valentine’s Day session!

We covered lots of ground and even got kicked out of a parkade. THE parkade. The one that pretty much every photographer in Vancouver knew about but me until I discovered it an hour before the session began. But it was great while it lasted and I think I got some amazing perspective shots in there. We capped off our time at Apres-midi, a cute and cozy tea shop tucked away near Blood Alley.

Enjoy everyone ~ until next year’s giveaway!


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damara - Your parking garage images are just awesome! Totally worth getting kicked out for:)

Dana - We love your photos Rose - so wonderful! We’re so thrilled to be your Valentine’s Day contest winners! xo

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