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Sunny Sunday

We had a little birthday party for my son today and I bought myself some sunny blooms from the wholesaler down the block. I love chrysanthemums.

Hope you all had a good weekend =)


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Caroline’s Kids

In the same afternoon that I shot Caroline’s shop, Salt Boutique, she also wanted me to come to her home to take some photographs of her kids. Her children were absolutely lovely, although her boy was a bit under the weather with a horrible cold. But he was a trooper and pulled through it!

Everything about this is wonderful ~ how Caroline has styled her home, how the kids dressed themselves (with a wee bit of help), and how I managed to sneak in a few shots with the three of them browsing through old baby photo albums. The home was warm, inviting, comfortable and I of course wanted every last piece of decor in there!

I enjoyed photographing the kids doing a few of their favourite things. As Caroline said, they putter around the house quite a bit, which my household can totally relate with as well. And once the scrapbook photo albums came out, I began to feel something that I had forgotten about. The way I used to feel when I looked through my parent’s old photo albums or my baby albums. I was reminded of how important and wonderful it is to create these kinds of memories for your children. Caroline said that they look through them often and I loved that. It’s such an amazing way to share stories with your kids.

Thanks for having me in your home, Caroline, to spend a bit of time with your beautiful children!

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Lunch at Auntie Leah’s

Yesterday we went to Whistler to visit an old friend.

We chatted.

We walked.

We ate some lunch.

And then we drove home in quiet car with a nearly-2-year-old asleep in the back seat.

Happy Monday.


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Salt Boutique ~ Smithers, BC

Salt Boutique in Smithers is not quite like anything else in town. It’s very modern, hip, stylish and comes with a twist of European old world feel and rustic chic. Caroline Marko has created for herself not only a beautiful place to work, but also one that showcases clothing from a number of high-end designers.

I spent a bit of a sunny, windy afternoon at Caroline’s shop and had a really great time photographing the details of her store as well as a few items of clothing and the marvelous shoes she carries. If you live in Smithers, chances are you may have already visited her store. If not, stop by to say hi to Caroline ~ she’s funny, smart and has long beautiful auburn locks. You can’t miss this lovely lady!


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cinzia bruschini - i want every items in this shop! great captures and great concept store! ;=)

Shona Dion - Love the chandelier!

This Beautiful City

The water looked almost tropical, except the wind was brisk and the trees were still naked.

What a wonderful place this city is. I always marvel at its beaches, mountains and skyline.

So blessed this is my home.


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Brenda - Way to show me what I’m missing! It’s a beautiful picture.