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Nick and Shannon

I met Nick and Shannon at Third Beach in Vancouver and hoped for some sun for a change.

Who are we kidding? It’s March in Vancouver after all! Some of the most unpredictable weather occurs in March….

I was seriously impressed and very happy with their willingness to head out into the soggy forest and beach, sans umbrella or raincoat. And Shannon even walked in the ocean ~ barefoot ~ you go girl! I love, love, love it when people are willing to throw caution to the wind, get a little crazy and do things they wouldn’t normally do for a photoshoot.

Eventually, it did stop pouring, towards the end of our session (of course) but we all had a grand time and the smiles all around show it. Nick and Shannon are such a fun couple and it was laughter and silly faces the whole session long, but when I saw how Nick looked at Shannon when I first started shooting, I knew that this couple was going to be pretty awesome.

Looking forward to the wedding in August! And perhaps hoping for a bit of sun then….

Don’t forget to watch the slideshow at the end ~ just press the play button!

Get Crafty

I did a little craft project the other day. I keep most of my earrings in little jewelry boxes and over the years have been losing some of my favourites and gaining some new ones. I thought it was high time to get organized, use up some scrap materials and make something practical!

I used some foamboard that was kicking around as well as some scrap pieces of jute and canvas, sliced a few openings through all the layers and placed the earrings through. Now I can see what I have and hopefully won’t lose any more!

Kristie - Aren’t you all little miss crafty! :P
Good Job though !

Simply Rose - Heheh, yup!

Alfred, Amy and Little Sprout

That’s what her onesie said.

Sprout. I added the Little myself.

Amy contacted me wanting to document her daughter’s young life but being a photographer herself, was finding it difficult to do in between the busyness. And family portraits are kinda hard to do on your own. We commiserated over this fact, both as new Mom’s of babies under one year. They just grow so fast and you gotta take those pictures when the toes are still tiny and those fingers are still chubby.

I’ve been thinking about a one-year milestones package for quite some time now, well before my son was even born, but never really had an opportunity to offer it until now. I asked Amy if she would be interested in 4 sessions spread out over the seasons of one year and she said yes! I was so excited to have my first Four Seasons Family booked!

I met the family in their Vancouver home in Kits and we hung out in the condo, taking full advantage of some family fun on the bed and even a bubble bath in the kitchen sink, which was an absolute hit. And then off outdoors to the neighborhood park and honestly, I could not have asked for a more glorious winter afternoon in the city. And talk about a trooper….I spent a better part of the afternoon with Alfred, Amy and Little Sprout and I can’t recall one time she complained or fussed. I asked her if she could teach my son some patience!

Thanks guys, for having me in your home to document the changes that your little one will go through in a year. It was an absolute delight getting to know you and I’m excited to see what your daughter will be up to in a few months time!

And don’t forget to click on the slideshow at the end! If you are interested in the Four Season Family package, please contact me for further details at [email protected].


Sarah - What a gorgeous way you captured this family Rose! I love your use of light, style & candid moments. Stunning photographs! :)

Simply Rose - Thanks Sarah! They were such a fantastic, fun family!

Krysten - This session just blew my mind. Absolutely stunning work, Rose!

Simply Rose - Thanks, Krysten, that really means a lot to me!

#34 The Office

We’ve been working on this for a little while now and I thought it was about time to accomplish something on my 101 in 1001 list. And to take a break from all the techie stuff I have been doing the past 2 days.

Back in February, I was a vendor at the Grassroots Wedding Fair and my handy hubby made me a portable booth. I was thinking afterwards What on earth are we going to do with the booth? And where are we going to put it? Especially since we live in a very small, very awkwardly laid out basement suite. So I then thought to myself Golly, gee, why not just use it and make another room in a room?

And that’s what we did.

We’ve been considering for some time how to rearrange our living space to make it more user friendly and kid-proof it for our son. I didn’t have much of an office space before….it was in the living room with the TV and everything else going on in there was a major distraction. And there was no division of time since the computer was so accessible every time I would walk into the room. Now that I have an office nook, I can separate my work times a lot better from my home life, keep all of my photography-related items in a contained space and be a lot more organized and productive.

It still needs a bit of sprucing up and it is real tiny, but I’m so glad that I have it!